Journey by Train in Bangladesh
Journey by Train in Bangladesh 9 Bilder

People want to go home by train after the end of the Biswa Ijtema, the second largest Muslim gathering in Bangladesh at Tongi near Dhaka. Around two million people attended in 2016.

Welcome to the Slum
Welcome to the Slum 12 Bilder

Volunteer tourism is booming. More and more people travel to the slums or work in relief projects during their holidays. They wish to get socially involved and therefore...

Fighting for a Pittance
Fighting for a Pittance 26 Bilder

Boxing matches with children starting at six years in Thailand.

Thai boxing (Muay Thai) ranks among the world´s toughest and most...

Myanmar 39 Bilder
Manila`s Teen Prisoners
Manila`s Teen Prisoners 12 Bilder

According to the child protection agency Preda, as many as 20,000 youngsters are imprisoned in overcrowded cells in the Philippines. The prisons have poor sanitary conditions and many minors share...

People`s Paradise Pattaya
People`s Paradise Pattaya 27 Bilder

German Expats in Pattaya.

Children for Rent -  India`s Orphanage Business
Children for Rent - India`s Orphanage Business 23 Bilder

Living conditions at many orphanages in India are appalling. The children are not washed or fed properly, they are beaten and receive no medical treatment when sick. The...

Junkyard of the Digital Age
Junkyard of the Digital Age 15 Bilder

8.7 million tonnes of electronic waste are produced every year in Europe, part of which is shipped illegally to Africa. Much of it is labelled 'used goods' or '...

Miserable as a Dog
Miserable as a Dog 12 Bilder

This series of photos is part of a projekt which began more by chance a few years ago and which is still on-going. On trips to faraway countries such as Thailand, India...

The other Face
The other Face 20 Bilder

The human face, the mirror of one’s personality, is valued all over the world for its beauty.

In western society plastic surgery deals...